Beladjar, diskoesi, berbagi, ataoe bertjanda tentoenja di Kanal ter-HOT dan ter-BOMBASTIS se-Indonesia.

#ubuntu-indonesia is an Indonesian IRC community on freenode. Started as offtopic chatting place for ubuntu-indonesia.com forum users. Nowadays, it's an open place for everyone to learn, share, and discuss various topic including technology, security, gardening, daily news, memes, and others. Despite it's name, this place is open for any OS/Distro users.

Join #ubuntu-indonesia on freenode using your favourite IRC client (i.e. HexChat), or follow links below:

We have multiple logger.

Another usefull link hosted on hashbang.sh.

Thank's to guests and frequent members of #ubuntu-indonesia. Without you, we are vulnerable like dust on bakso shop table :)

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